Trinity Road Chapel


Our bank details

We have separate accounts for different allotted purposes. Many in our congregation give by bank transfers and standing orders. If you would like to give in this way, our bank details are as follows:

General Account:
Sort code: 20-57-76
Account Number: 13395618

Benevolent Fund:
Sort code: 60-22-28
Account Number: 40987930

Missionary Fellowship Fund:
Sort code: 20-57-76
Account Number: 93735915

What is the offering?

God has given us every good gift. As an expression of worship to God (how we live before God) we have an opportunity to give back to God something of what He has entrusted to us. At the back of the chapel we have secure boxes by each exit where we have the opportunity to give. Many of us give by other methods like standing order, electronic faster payments, payroll giving etc. If you would like to give with gift aid, please ask for a form to return to us (our email address is that the bottom of this page).

What is the offering money used for?

Broadly speaking, some of the offering is used to fund the running costs of keeping the buildings and facilities. Some is used to pay for and accommodate staff employed by TRC to serve the people of the church and the wider local community. A proportion goes towards supporting missionaries who have been sent and are supported by TRC, and some is used to fund events held on the premises and in the local community. TRC is an independent church and it is the responsibility of the church members to approve the budget as it is presented each year.