Trinity Road Chapel


House Fellowship Groups

As well as meeting together for worship and teaching in church, we believe it is helpful to study the Bible in small groups. We have various groups meeting every other Monday evening in people's homes around the district where we aim to study the Bible and apply it to everyday situations. There is always a warm, friendly atmosphere in the groups, and members find it helpful to be able to share with each other in the relaxed surroundings of a home.

At some point during the year most groups have a social evening, which, depending on the group, could be as active as ten pin bowling, a more subdued barbecue, or even a meal at a local restaurant. This is a great opportunity for getting to know each other more closely.

House Fellowship Groups comprise a mixture of all ages from young adults upwards. Why not give it a try? - you may be surprised at how pleasant and valuable it is to meet and share fellowship with others.

If you want to join a house group and do not regularly attend TRC, you can either phone 07852 250 996 or email for more information.


There are meetings specifically for women that meet at various times during the week for prayer and Bible Study. One meeting is held on a Sunday morning, and there is another one held specifically for mothers with babies and young children during the week. The times of these meetings vary as they aim to fit in with peoples busy lifestyles. You can get more information by either phoning 07852 250 996 or emailing